Sonntag, 2. März 2014

In Shape

My quilt friend Aylin wrote a very interesting post about EPP (English Paper Piecing) lately which gives me an opportunity to tell you about a project of mine... I have been doing my EPP with teflon shapes from June Taylor ( and like this a lot better than using paper templates. However, I could not find any other shape than the hexies... which is a very limited choice. Now, if you know any source for more teflon shapes, please let me know. If not, I might have news for you... I have bought some teflon and asked a friend of mine if he could cut this into shapes for me and... tada... this is the result:

Here are some more pictures how I do my piecing...

After this, I iron the fabric with the teflon shape inside; then remove the shape and iron the fabric again.
I sew together the pieces without the teflon shapes inside.

What I like about using the teflon shape for this shape is that I get better points... when I use paper templates, my finished fabric shapes are often a little longer than the paper shapes because I cannot really feel where the paper point is... tricky to explain this in English ;)... 
On the downside: it is a little tricky to remove the teflon shapes after ironing. All in al, I am very happy with the result.

I will go for more shapes and let you know how this works out. Cheerio until then

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  1. Ach ja, da bekomme ich wirklich auch wieder Lust, so ein Handnäh-Projekt zu machen :-) Ich bin gespannt, wie es bei Dir weitergeht!