Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Bee-zy again

It is the beginning of the year and the new year's resolutions are still fresh on my mind. And so it happened that I finished the first task for Bee Germany within one day of arrival of the fabrics.... I am sure it will not last, but it makes me happy nonetheless. January is Kerstin's month (sunset sewing). It was fun making the block and the very well written tutorial can be found here.
Ah, and I got a gift from Kerstin as well, thanks again, it is very cute!


  1. Danke fuer die Bloecke und schoen, dass Du wieder bei der Bee dabei bist!

  2. Sind die nicht schön, die Blöcke?! Hab meine auch gleich gemacht :-) Freu mich auch, das du wieder dabei bist!