Dienstag, 23. April 2013

Very good time....

I had a very good time last weekend. It was my first bee meeting, in fact my first sewing get-together at all. At first, I felt a little intimidated, but these ladies are so lovely!
And it was really fun, lots of laughing, good food and lots and lots of ideas and chatting...
so everyoe agreed there has to be a second time around, next time in Frankfurt and I will try my best to be an almost-as-good hostess as Aylin (the hostess with the mostest)...

OK, this is far more than I usually write, so it's time for some pictures. Here is what I made (not alone, girls, I know, and I will confess ;)

My first item is this iPad cover in an almost manly black....

I found it is not quite me, so it is for sale in my DaWanda shop...

The seond thing I made is this really gorgeous bag:

You can download the pattern at Burda Style for free.
The very special thing about this bag is that is has a twin sister in Berlin and you can see both bags together in this picture which also shows you that we had a great time

 And the third item I wanted to make is this pouch:

Doesn't it just look so cosy?
It turned out I did not even have to sew it myself ;)....

So, thinking about the good time puts a big smile on my face! See you all again soon.


  1. Haha, it was totally the other way around, we were intimidated when you pulled out that gorgeous Ferris Wheel quilt! We had a great time, didn't we?

  2. Liebe Grüße von deiner persönlichen Näherin.... ;-)

  3. Der Nummernstoff ist einfach zu genial :) Ich fand das Wochenende auch ganz toll und freue mich schon auf Frankfurt.

  4. Ii is so fun sewing with others! I love the burda bag you sewed!

  5. Ihr scheint echt eine klasse Zeit gehabt zu haben! Deien und Aylins Taschen sind echt gut geworden. Und die Aussicht, das das nächste Bee-Treffen in Frankfurt stattfindet ist perfekt. Bin jetzt da und zu allen Schandtaten bereit ;-)

  6. Beautiful bag and I love the pouch! Is there a pattern available somewhere (to buy or tutorial)? Hugs Ullis in Sweden

    1. Sure, the bag pattern is for free and you can download it here