Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

Cushion cover block pattern


as promised you can download the pattern for the rainbow colored cushion block here

Ah, and show me the results, please.

Should you not want to download or have a glimpse beforehand, this is the content of the pdf file:

Lieblingsdecke cushion cover block

The finished block will be the front for a cushion cover size 40cm by 40 cm.
At the back of this document you find the pieces for each block in the original size for you to print and use for foundation paper piecing. Print the 2 last pages of this document 4 times.
You need to make 8 pie pieces in total, 4 wit and 4 without the big corner triangle.
Assemble the pie pieces as shown below, start with the direction of the black arrows, afterwards assemble following the red arrows.

You should now have 8 pie pieces.
Assemble as follows:

Do the same with the other 4 pies.
You should now have two halves of the resulting block.
Sew together. Ta-da! Step back and enjoy.


  1. I would love to make this block, but I cannot find the pattern, or the last two pages of this document as stated.

    Thanks for your help

    BarbaraMDahl (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for letting me know. I tried to fix it, can you please let me know if you can download it now?

  3. Thank you for the pattern and instructions. Your cushion was absolutely beautiful! I hope I'm as successful when I attempt to make it. I'll be sure to stop back by and let you know.

  4. Lovely! Thank you for the pattern! ;-)