Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Sneak Peek

It is a very slow process, but it is so much fun making this quilt top.

I am not quite sure how I best finish the top - should I cut it square or should I applique the finished piece onto a background fabric? Maybe you have other suggestions for me?


  1. so beautiful! i just moved to frankfurt, and i am wondering where you buy your fabric? i went to the karstadt this weekend on the ziel, but their small designer fabric section was SO expensive! i live in bockenheim. do you order online a lot? and if so, what sites do you like?

  2. Hi Kelly, a warm welcome to Frankfurt. I think it is a great city, but not a place to buy fabric. I order most of my fabric from the US, mostly from fabricworm and Fat Quarter Shop. You only need to make sure that your order fits into a flat rate envelope and you shoukd pass customs fine. If you have to pick up your order at customs (Zoll), you need to pay an additional VAT of 19% on the total of your order (including the shipping). And if the total of your order is more than 150€, you need to pay an additional tax on top of the 19%. But don't worry, you will find that your fabric will still be cheaper than buying it over here, regardless if you buy online or in a shop.
    I live in Westend, so cöose by, maybe we can meet up? I can show you some ülaces to buy odds and ends for sewing if you like.
    I hope you have a great time here. Take care

  3. okay, good to know! i've bought from fabricworm and fat quarter shop frequently in the past.

    i'd love to meet up sometime! and we are so close! we like take the u over to westend to go to the rewe there, since it's bigger and nicer than ours on leipziger straße :) we'll have to figure out a time that works for both of us sometime soon.

    tschüß! (very slowly learning a few german words...)